SQL Server Standard delivers the leading data management and business intelligence functionalities for non-critical workloads with minimal IT capabilities. Ideal for
Key data management and business intelligence capabilities for non-critical workloads with minimal IT resources.
Licensing Model
Per core **
Channel availability
Volume licensing, hosting.

Price Edition

U$ Consult- PN: 228-10817

Call Device - U$ Consult - PN: 359-06320

Call Device - U$ Consult - PN: 359-06322

Price Core

U$ Consult - PN: 7NQ-00806



SQL Server Enterprise offers comprehensive capabilities of cutting-edge data center. Ideal for
Comprehensive and critical performance for demanding database and business intelligence requirements. Enterprise Edition delivers the highest levels of service and performance for Layer 1 workloads. *
Licensing Model
Per core **
Channel availability
Volume licensing, hosting.


U$ Consult - PN: 7JQ-01013



SQL Server Express is a free edition of SQL Server that is ideal for developing and enabling apps for desktop, web, and small servers. Ideal for
Free entry database ideal for learning and creating apps for desktops and apps controlled by data from small servers up to 10 GB.
Licensing Model
Channel availability
Free download
Open Price NL


U$ Consult - PN: G3S-01015


Compare the editions

Recursos Enterprise Business Intelligence Standard Express1
Maximum number of cores Máx. SO 16 colors-DBOS Max.-AS & RS2 16 cores 4 cores
Maximum memory used per instance Máx. SO 128 GB 128 GB 1 GB
Maximum Size 524 PB 524 PB 524 PB 10 GB
Programming (T-SQL, Datatypes, FileTable)
SQL Server Management Studio
Policy-based management  
Basic OLTP
Basic security (separation of duties, basic audit)
High availability basic  
Integrated Data Connectors
Basic data integration (SSIS, project transformers)  
Basic reports
Basic corporate BI (analysis, multidimensional semantic model, data mining)  
Self-service business intelligence (alerts, Power View, Power Pivot for SharePoint Server)    
Advanced enterprise BI (tabular BI semantics model, advanced reporting and analysis, in-memory analysis engine, advanced data mining)    
Data Management Services (Data Quality Services)    
Advanced data integration (grouping and diffuse search, capture of change data)      
Advanced Security (SQL Server Audit, Transparent Data Encryption)      
Data warehouse (columnstore in-memory, compaction, partitioning)      
Advanced high availability (AlwaysOn, multiple active sub, multisite, geocluster)      
Advanced transaction processing (OLTP in-memory)      

Compare versions
Resources   SQL Server 2014 SQL Server 2012 SQL Server 2008 R2 SQL Server 2008
Performance OLTP in-memory*      
  ColumnStore in-memory*    
  SSD buffer pool extension      
  Resource manager
Availability AlwaysOn*    
  Enhanced Virtualization and Dynamic Migration Support  
Safety Transparent data encryption*
  Support for backup encryption      
  Refined auditing
  Separation of tasks    
Cloud Preparation Backup for Microsoft Azure    
  Disaster Recovery for Microsoft Azure      
  Optimized VM Images in Microsoft Azure Gallery    
Management and programming capability Distributed Replay    
  Policy-based management
  Enhanced Scheduling Capability
BI and analysis PowerPivot for Excel  
  Integration services managed as a server    
  Hadoop Connector through Apache Sqoop
  Semantic model of tabular BI *  
  Master Data Services*  
  Data Quality Services*    

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